A Californian firm has developed a new case that adds physical keys to iPad displays.
Tactus Technology is responsible for creating the Phorm, which features a screen protector lined with microfluids.
When the protector is activated the fluid raises up from the screen creating Finger Guides, which sit above each key.
The Phorm also features a back case that clips onto a tablet, where the activation button for the Finger Guides is located.
The case has been designed specifically for the iPad Mini and iPhone 6 Plus, and works with all native iOS keyboards.
In a video about the Phorm, a spokesperson said: “Phorm overlays physical guides onto your keypad, making typing effortless. It gives you greater control over your keyboard.”
The Phorm is now only available for pre-order in the US for $99, but it is expected to go on sale widely during the summer.