Sony has toyed around with ideas like a clip-on headset to compete with Google Glass, but its initial entry into augmented reality wearables is this pair of glasses. It's not a consumer product yet, but the SmartEyeGlass SED-E1 Developer Editionpreviewed a few months ago is coming to 10 countries in March, for $840 (US), 670 (EUR), or 100,000 (yen). While we wait for Microsoft's HoloLens and a revamped version of Glass, Sony is using "holographic waveguide technology" in 3mm AR lenses to put information directly in the wearer's eyeline. A (after the break) will give you an idea of the capabilities, but it looks a lot more like Glass than Hololens, with simple green monochrome text and diagrams displayed at up to 15fps. There's also a 3MP camera tucked inside that can take still pictures or video, which developers can use its images in their apps.