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Thread: [Release] Plug-in: "Fused"

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    psp [Release] Plug-in: "Fused"

    Ever wanted to be able to play your PSP games on your television, but couldn't because you don't own an HD TV?? Well now you can, thanks to this nifty application, made by OldPrisoneR. (must own a Slim and Lite PSP)

    What does this program do?
    Its a plug-in that makes it possible to play with your PSP Slim and Lite by posting the image on a TV via the composite cable (not HD TV). Attention, the plug-in is under development and the version presented here is a beta.

    With which firmwares is it compatible?
    It was tested by the author on custom Firmware 3.80 m33-5 but it functions with Custom Firmwares higher. We tested it successfully on Custom firmware 3.93.

    Bugs Known: Known Bugs:
    *Warriors Orochi: it is necessary to activate the plug-in after having passed the loading screen if not then it will freeze the game.

    *Silent Hill Origins: "specks" appear sometimes.

    *Killzone: Makes noises on the images.

    In all the cases, the author recommends to activate the plug-in only after finishing the loading of the game and after skipping the intro videos of the game. If there are problems with certain images, try pressing the "Home" button several times.

    How to install this?
    *Download “FUSED” for PSP

    *Connect your PSP to your computer via USB

    *Put your PSP in “USB Mode”

    *Extract the files

    *Choose your PSP drive

    *Copy the "seplugins" folder to your memory stick's root

    *Open the file GAME.txt and add the following line:


    *Go into recovery and enable the plugin

    How to activate it?
    Once you have your game started, press the volume buttons "+" and "-" and hold for a small moment. This activates the menu:

    *Composite cable inserted: Indicates if a cable is connected

    *Disable Plug-in: Disables the plug-in

    *Switch to TV: switch between TV and LCD (you can also press the SCREEN button to switch to LCD)

    *Speed Booster []: Enables SPEED BOOSTER feature (see more info below)

    *Grab VRAM to VRAM.bin: recover the contents of the VRAM to write it in a VRAM.bin file (which can be explored with the suitable tool) - a function for the devs.

    *EXIT MENU: Exit the menu (you can also press circle to exit immediately)

    Commercial Games:

    Twisted Metal
    DownStream Panic
    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Silent Hill: Origins


    DGEN (You must turn vsync off in it's settings)

    FuSa has a feature called "SPEED BOOSTER", which makes games to work by speeding them up.You can enable it in MENU, but you will not be able to disable it.

    This mode makes it possible to play the following games:

    Pursuit Force
    Off Road

    Game(s) that do not work with "SPEED BOOSTER":

    Warriors Orochi

    Quite a bit of info, huh? Ready to try the app yourself, then click on the download below. Enjoy!

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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    NICE ive been waiting for something like this!

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    Could be good for those who have a Slim and don't have HD.

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    works for psp revolution, but goes slow, and stretches too far up on a 4:3 screen...activating speed boost desynchronises teh sound but makes it smoother...

    im impressed nonetheless!

    dont activate in pspr until ur in the song menu

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    it seems to work with psptube but at the bottom there is a flashing bar but at least it works

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    It is FUSA not FUSED. Thanks very much sir! :P

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    This works pretty well. Other then stability issues in some games they are more then playable.

    Ratchet & Clank runs really well (along with god of war).

    Biggest complaint is when you use a 4:3 tv. The output is 16:9 but the display is 4:3. so on a 4:3 tv you get black on the sides and an even smaller image in the center. Quite depressing to see.

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