Social experiment-meets-endurance test Twitch Plays Pokémon has finally completed its Pokédex, a year after it first went live.
Launched back in February 2014, the live Twitch broadcast allowed viewers to input commands into a modified version of 1996 Game Boy title Pokémon Red.
The stream, which attracted over 121,000 simultaneous viewers at its peak and 1.16 million participants in total, and spawned a number of copycats and viral memes, took 16 continuous days to beat the game’s ‘final’ bosses, The Elite Four.
However, a dedicated group of watchers kept hammering away at the herculean task of catching all 151 Pokémon and thus filling out the game’s Pokédex.
They were given a little bit of help – the game was modified to make all 151 original monsters catchable (rather than requiring players to trade with Pokémon Blue owners as it did in 1996), legendary Pokémon – which players normally get one shot at – were set to respawn, and the player character AIIIAAB was given the ability to purchase the title’s Master Ball item, which instantly catches any Pokémon.
The final Pokémon to be caught was Red/Blue’s infamous psychic cat creature Mewtwo, who Pokémon fans may recognise as the subject of original spin-off film Pokémon: The First Movie from 1998.