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Thread: Mustergenerator v0.1

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    psp Mustergenerator v0.1

    News/release from DAanDASja

    Joa had again boredom, and this is it. Not just useful but wers needs: Oo:.
    In any event, here are the features (lol):

    -- You can generate different patterns 3'486'784'401.
    -- You can see the pattern as a screenshot save.

    The first of the PN me by screenshots of all 3.4 billion patterns sends gets a biscuit!
    I just hope you have fun out as long as I used to have to write it (5min?).

    Download: bottom


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    A better translation:

    So, I was bored again, and this is the result.
    Not very usefull but if you need it.
    Anyway, the features(lol)

    - You can generate 3'486'784'401 different patterns
    - you can save the patterns as screenshots

    The first one who sends me a PN with all the 3.4 billion Patterns gets a cookie!
    I hope your fun with it last as long as it took me to write it(5 minutes?).

    The first translation was probably done with google:thumbup:

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