microSD to MS Pro Duo Adapter
Manufacturer: N/A
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Price: $12.99

Overview : This adapter converts Micro SD / Micro SDHC / T-Flash into a MS Pro Duo and to be used with the growing number of MS Pro Duo compatible devices such as Sony PSP, PDAs, digital cameras and cellphones.

Features :
  • Support to 1GB MicroSD to 8GB MicroSDHC
  • Plug-N-Play

Quality/Usability : With different electronics available comes different media storage. Like everyone, you probably bought a memory stick for a device and the device either broke, got something new or is no longer being used. So what are you to do with those memory sticks? You either let it sit on your shelf and collect dust, try and sell it or reuse it with the help of an adapter.

Sony has their own like of memory sticks and their highly popular sticks right now are the Pro Duo. But the prices are fairly high compared to other cards on the market. A 4GB MS Pro Duo can cost as much as $60. It use to cost over $300 when it was first released and depending on brand. Currently, the 8GB costs just as much as the 4GB when it first released. Within a couple of months, these prices will drop dramatically to a more reasonable price but it would still be expensive.

SD cards are also a very popular and highly used format. With technology advancing, so are the sizes of memory sticks. The TransFlash also known as microSD/microSDHC (SDHC is higher capacity) which usually comes with an SD adapter is proof. microSD's are used in cellphones, PDAs and camera's with the use of the adapter. But the price is what makes it very affordable and highly used in electronics. A 1GB microSD can be purchased for $10 or even FREE after rebate.

Manufacturers are always looking of ways to provide a solution on using other memory cards in other devices. The microSD to MS Pro Duo Adapter is similar to that of the Kingmax microSd to Pro Duo Adapter.

This review was tested with both a normal 1GB microSD card as well as a 4GB microSDHC card. Both cards fit flush inside the adapter. The adapter is the same exact size as a SanDisk or Sony brand Pro Duo. During our tests, we did not notice any slow down during reading and writing to the microSD with the Pro Duo adapter.

Conclusion : Overall, the microSD to MS Pro Duo Adapter worked just as it should. If you have extra microSD's laying around or dont want to pay for the high priced Pro Duo cards, you might want to check this out. However, the quality of the adapter is cheap. The plastic is very lightweight and thin compared to SanDisk or Sony brand Pro Duos.

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