Newzoo has released info from its upcoming Global Games Market Report, with the research firm projecting worldwide revenue to jump 9.4 per cent to $91.5bn this year.
Games Industry points to Newzoo's findings, which also projects the Chinese market surging past US this year as the single largest contributor to global revenue at $22.2bn versus $22bn for US.
While that's not much separation, the difference is in the growth. China's projected total would be a 23 per cent increase, while the US total represents a 3 per cent jump.
In terms of regional revenue, Asia-Pacific is expected to make the biggest contribution by far, accounting for $43.1bn a 15 per cent increase. Latin America is the smallest of the major markets with projected revenue of $4bn, but the year-over-year growth of 18 per cent makes it the fastest growing region.