Surely they remembered the story that can be read below, the game bear eating burgers!Well, the creator of this game is called Sebastian Mihai, and entering your website is going to realize that software program for almost any console that crosses along the way, this is how after programming Dreamcast and up for Saturn, Mr. Mihai ships with a game for our beloved VMU. Brief description of the author of the game: " Raining Squares is a home tech demo for the memory card Dreamcast VMU The VMU, sometimes also called. VMS. The bottom line is animated, the player controls a pixel, moving from left to right, and there are squares that appear randomly fall while in X screen positions, they have different sizes. There is a slight delay each time the pixel Player collides with a square falling. " They can download the game directly from the author's website, he says he should be able to run the ROM in any emulator and advises using emu "DirectVMS" The web is available the source code and various tools for developing "HB" for the VMU. Web of Sebastian Mihai