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Thread: return to castle wolfenstein possible?

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    Question return to castle wolfenstein possible?

    chui, I wanna know if the dreamcast can run return to castle wolfenstein???

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    No, I think it wasn't ported. The only similar thing would be the Wolfenstein 3D port.

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    Dreamcast You MUST join it!

    Why not a remake?

    We just open a new project at sourceforge for doing a remake using KGLX and DreamPlaces engine.

    So, we need a lot of people to join to this project:

    1.- CORE.
    - 1.1: O.S./OpenGL: KallistiOS, SDL y KGLX.
    - 1.2: 3D Engine. Maybe DreamPlaces.
    - 1.3: A new sound driver using ARM and SRAM.

    2.- 3D.
    - 2.1: MODs programming with QuakeC (Quake1/2/3).
    - 2.2: Rebuild environments and stages.
    - 2.3: 3D Modelling: objects y textures.
    - 2.4: Design of covers, intros, etc.

    3.- MUSIC & SFX.
    - 3.1: Songs using audio tracks.
    - 3.2: Rebuild SFXs.
    - 3.3: Tests with engine and new driver.

    4.- OTHER.
    - 4.1: SourceForge project maintainer.
    - 4.2: WEB Designer.
    - 4.3: Legal expert for avoiding license problems.
    - 4.4: 3er party contacts for CDROM release.
    - 4.5: Paypal donations mainteiner.

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    Default yo!

    Hey people, I make some electronic sounds / music, and you can check out my stuff
    I would absolutely love to help out with this or any other possible projects where ounds like these are liked or needed and i can make custom tracks. Thanks, Obelisk A. Ghostchaser-

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