While the PS4s security systems have not yet been cracked, some retailers in South America have found a working method of selling copied games for the machine.
UOL Jogos reports, as translated by VG247, that a Brazilian retailer sold the site ten pirated PS4 games for BR300, which is around 63 roughly 6 per game.
The RRP of said games in the region would typically land at around 358.
Those wishing to take advantage of the illegal service have to hand their machine over to the store, which in turn seems to copy a cloned profile onto the hard drive and installs the digital games. The process involves the hooking up of some third party software and as result voids hardware warranties.
Sony is reportedly already working on one account cloning exploit that has already taken grip in the country.
The site in question, for what its worth, has offered the Sony the chance to take the console off their hands for investigation.