If you need any further proof that Microsoft is backing away from touch-centric interfaces in Windows 10, you just got it. The Skype team has revealed that it's planning to ditch the "modern" Windows (read: Windows 8-only) version of its messaging app on PCs as of July 7th. After that, the next update to the app will kick you over to the desktop release. Skype says that it's "simplifying" its experience around a single program that you can use with both a touchscreen and a mouse and keyboard. That's certainly true, although it's also an acknowledgment that people prefer the desktop app more -- it's easier to navigate without scrolling, and there are more features (such as screen sharing) that might convince you to stay. This shift won't affect Windows RT or the Skype features woven into Windows 10, but there's no doubt that the conventional desktop software is the big star going forward.