Or do they? One of the most popular ways of paying for games is under constant scrutiny from the media and core consumers.
So what can be done about free-to-play’s negative image?
“The successful freemium game is based on five principles,” says Canada’s minister of mobile gaming.
“Entice the player with a simple game loop. Use lots of flashing ch-chings and compliments to make the player feel good about themselves. Train the players to spend your fake currency. Offer them a way to spend real currency for your fake currency – so they will forget they are spending money. And make the game about waiting, but let the player pay not to wait. It is a sure-fire way to make lots of money.”
“We understand micropaying,” replies the comedian Phillip. “But can’t the game hidden inside the charade at least be fun?”
“No, it has to be just barely fun,” answers the minister. “If the game was too fun there would be no need to micropay in order to make it more fun.”