The folks in Mountain View have been paying security researchers who find flaws in Google's software for years. After announcing a program thatspecifically targeted Chrome, the company is looking to find vulnerabilities inits mobile OS. The Android Security Rewards program will pay researchers who "find, fix and prevent vulnerabilities" that exist inside the operating system. When it comes to issues affecting Nexus devices sold through Google Play, Google will pay per step that's needed to fix the problem -- including patches and testing. Just finding a critical bug will earn you $2,000, for example. The largest rewards are available to those who figure out how to go around Android's security features like ASLR, NX and sandboxing. In 2015, Google shelled out over $1.5 million to researchers who found bugs, with the largest individual reward totaling $150,000. If you're looking to join the hunt, you can browse all the detailed info right here.