MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, itís a double showing for Microsoft as its new Xbox One Controller and Wireless Adaptor for Windows prepare for launch
Xbox One Wireless Controller
Microsoft has tweaked its Xbox One pad with some brand new features.
The new Xbox One Wireless Controller now features a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, which allows players to plug a headset directly into the peripheral.
Consumers previously had to purchase the separate Xbox One Headset Adapter in order to connect a headset.
While using the new controller, users will be able to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring and voice and game audio balancing by using the Settings menu in the Xbox One interface.
The audio port isnít the only addition to the new controller. Microsoft also claims to have further tuned the two top bumper buttons, improving responsiveness.
The pad will also now receive software improvements automatically thanks to built-in wireless firmware updates. This means that gamers no longer have to connect the controller via a USB cable to update it.
The improved controller will be bundled with the brand new 1TB Xbox One SKU, as well as being available as a standalone item.
The solus product will be offered in a black colour scheme, as well as a new silver and black camouflage design entitled: Xbox One Special Edition Covert Forces Wireless Controller.

RRP: £44.99
Release Date: Out Now
Distributor: Exertis
Contact: 01279 822 822

Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows
This year will finally see the release of the long-anticipated Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, allowing players to use their Xbox One pads with PC games.
The memory stick-sized dongle connects via a single USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, and then syncs wirelessly with an Xbox One controller.
As well as desktop computers and laptops running Windows 10, the adapter will also work with tablets running the operating system, including Microsoftís Surface range of products. Windows 10 is the only OS supported by the peripheral.
Several of the controllerís features on Xbox One will be carried across to PC, including chat input and stereo audio output.
Many games on platforms such as Steam support Xbox controller input by default, meaning that no extra setup is required on the part of the player. Compatibility often includes the automatic switching of in-game button prompts from keyboard controls to button icons.
The adapter will be available both as a standalone product, for those who already own at least one Xbox One controller, and in a bundle with a new Xbox One Wireless Controller.

RRP: $24.99 (£16) (Solus), $79.95 (£52) (With Xbox One Wireless Controller)