The revision d2ecdd8 of the emulator jpcsp was released and built. Here are the download links:

windows-x86-32: http://rapidga...x86-32.7z.html
windows-x86-64: http://rapidga...x86-64.7z.html
linux-x86-32: http://rapidga...x86-32.7z.html
linux-x86-64: http://rapidga...x86-64.7z.html
macosx: http://rapidga...macosx.7z.html

 sceUtility: swap display position of "X" and "O" when buttons are swapped (i.e. always display "X" before "O"). sceUtilitySavedata: better display "Load completed." for Japanese language (as suggested by DragonNeos). sceUtility: display dialog in the language specified by the PSP application and not in the Jpcsp GUI language.
check out the Live Downloads section for more builds