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    psp Pipeline 0.1

    News/release from Snowymydog

    Before introducing my new homebrew, I would like to appologise for my broken English. English is not my mother language, I hope everyone can understand what I'm going to tell you.

    "Pipeline" is remake of the famous puzzle game "Pipemania(aka Pipedream"). Rules are simple: construct a path using the randomly generated pipes from starting point to ending point. Water starts to flow when timer finishes the countdown. If you let the water spill out or did not meet the minimum distance requirement, you fail.

    I do all the coding and gfx. Sfx from & This homebrew is entering the PSP-Hacks homebrew competition.

    Save/Load and Highscore is not coded. In this release, I have included 20 levels. My target is total 50 levels in the final release. GFX and SFX will continue to enhance. The game play itself have nothing more I can do. All I wanted is bug report and comments. Good or bad, love or hate, just tell me.

    This game should work on Slim PSP, since I do not own one, please let me know it works.

    I need reports about the difficulties of the game. Your opinions are very important. I'll make adjustment on next release. Thanks.


    D-pad: moves the cursor

    X or O: put down a pipe

    Triangle: Speed up the timer and water flow

    Start: pause/resume game

    Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments

    via snowymydog

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    looks great

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