You donít have much to choose from when Super Mario Maker begins. You get one set of building blocks, with more unlocking each day. Itís possible to do cool things right from the start, but challenging since you donít have so much to work with. Your first level will probably be very straightforward, since youíre just beginning, with later ones really reflecting your genius.
I wanted to make a bullet hell level. Something involving a Fire Flower. But, I wasnít sure how I was going to get it to work. I didnít have fireballs right away. What I did have were wings and a bunch of enemies. So, I thought about adding wings to some characters, shove them in pipes so theyíd continually generate, and see what happened. I decided to do so first with a Spiny, because whatís more terrifying than a spiky creature with wings?Turns out, the Spiny was scarier than I thought! A winged Spiny will occasionally curl into a ball and shoot off spikes. To be exact, after four seconds of flying, the Spiny sent off four diagonal spikes, which would fly off diagonally and eventually disappear.