FF4kster, the all-in-one editor for Final Fantasy 4 has once again received a long overdue update. This update doesn’t feature any new major compoentents, but rather a large collection of smaller things, including:

  • The monster editor now allows you to edit “special size” details (the “size” bytes used by bosses), as well as showing a preview for the monster palette when selecting it.

  • Triggers and map data now have safeguards preventing data overflow.

  • The solobattle and trigger editors now preview the formation details.

  • The feature editor now contains an entry for “6-letter spells”; changing this range will affect what spells can be put into player spell sets.

  • The map editor now displays how much room is left for adding new map data, and allows you to change “glitch worlds” into usable maps, and vice versa.

  • The event editor has been cleaned up and improved; the sub-menus now expand when you’re selecting the parameters.

  • Many other miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements.