Some 15 years ago, the retro arcade craze was starting to gain serious traction, and pictures of modified arcade cabinets running MAME started to appear. Eager to do something similar, I managed to get my hands on a relatively cheap Neo-Geo cabinet and modified it to run MAME as well as a bunch of home consoles. The controls were all genuine Happ controls running off stripped Sidewinder controllers, and the monitor was an actual arcade monitor, running off a video card that was capable of outputting signal at 15kHz. Time passed, things got boring, and I ended up selling the cabinet Ė with a subsequent case of sellerís remorse.15 years later, shortly after I ported FinalBurn Alpha to the Raspberry Pi, I started to consider building another cabinet. The same power that was then in a Pentium III now fits nicely in a Raspberry Pi, and the hobbyist electronics market is now in a state that hasnít been seen since the 1980ís.