iamevn offers the 0.1b version of "For Anyone Who Walks A Lot" utility to collect coins free with walking, for Nintendo 2DS / 3DS course.

Currently a little ugly goal this is in good enough conditions to release.
The idea Is That if You Walked a lot in a day and-have Reached the 10 play area per day limit, you can just run this little program and It Will make up the difference for you. To install, just extract the folder in the zip file ('for-anyone-who-walks-a-lot /') into the / 3ds / folder is your SD card. You do need the cache.bin file that's in there so do not delete it! (I do a CIA plane to build too soon, just-have to get things set up for that) Please let me know if you find bugs Any Either here is on the github repo! I'm going to add aa vault for you to store and deposit coins in play / from so you can get around the 300 area Hopefully limit and pretty it up a little while I'm working is other stuff.