nop90 offers the 0.2 alpha version of "Handy 3DS" porting the emulator Atari Lynx "Handy320" (Dingux) for Nintendo 2DS / 3DS.

Ver. 0.2 alpha (21 August 2015) Fixed some bugs are GUI and modified it's layout Added configuration parameters save one SD and autoload on startup Added png in skin folder for empty saveslot and Load Game screen (can be modified Respecting picture sizes) Modified the name of top screen background image and Proposed a better picture Cleaned all the code related to frameskip (Does not make sense with HW rendering as it's is very lightweight) Disabled state saving on exit (not very usefull and Caused Some Strange crashes) Implemented a basic and very crackling sound output (disabled by default Practically have not usable at the moment) Some code cleaning