shutterbug2000 offers a demo version (closer to the PoC) of "3DOS" port of the PC XT emulator / virtual machine 8086tiny for Nintendo 2DS / 3DS.


So, I've DECIDED to put out my latest project. "3DOS" said Port of 8086tiny to the 3DS It's "functional" It Does not purpose-have input support (* should * be fairly easy to do) and only text mode bearer (qui is strange at times due to the terminal output for the 3DS / ctrulib not Having "ANSI escape?" qui I think 8086tiny uses for Some printing. If anyone knows how to convert this to just gold ASCII whatever lit. I know), purpose graphics are supported using SDL, so it shoulds not be too hard Make That work. I've attached a copy of the emulator, along with the bios for it and file a copy of freeDOS, qui Will make it to the command prompt, you can not order anything input.