Belgian graphic artist Vadu Amka redesigned a Sega Dreamcast, turning it into a memento of one of the most iconic games for the system: Skies of Arcadia.
The main idea was to make the system look like a heavily damaged spacecraft. Just like something from the classic, Jules Verne-inspired JRPG.
I used lime wood I previously cut with a rotating cutter (called a dremel) for the hood. All the wood’s imperfections were first resealed with some light colour wood paste, then sanded stained with mahogany stain. After that, I painted it with a blue and grey colour before sanding it one more time to give it a more degraded and aged look. I waxed the hood and made it waterproof. I put inside a small grid, oxidising it with ocher pigment called « natural earth shade » (synthetic iron oxide). All the rest is an optical illusion made from several black and brown juices. What seems to be metal ring is, in fact, a leather band treated and painted with oxide paint. I used the same pattern for the gamepads slots. I finally reproduced the logo with plexiglass and remoulded it with some 2-component silicone slim before moulding it in resin and painting it.