Hi all to help me and the staff decide where the news belongs, heres a few tips to help us and you

firstly if your release is for PSP or GBA or Dreamcast or Wii etc then please say it,

then we can copy to as many forums as possible

if its just news then please link to where the article came from

usually doing a via (the site)

If your posting screenshots do remember than anything above 500 pixels wide knackers up our sites :P

also please post in jpegs (jpg) as it keeps the size of the image lower and is good for those on lower conntections

also if possible please upload to the forums if its a release, those free jobbys like rapidshare etc can be basts at times to download from.

if your posting a coders release then please post the source/webpage and also if you arent sure do a quick check to see if we already posted it

Thanks for any and all newsposts