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Thread: help with Neo4all and metal slug's CDDA

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    Default help with Neo4all and metal slug's CDDA

    I am making a cd that has both the emulator and the neo geo data and CDDA. My problem is the tracks play out of order. For example the track that would play after you beat a level plays whenever you encounter a boss. Maybe im missing a step of doing something wrong.

    what i did:
    1. extracted dreamcast\standalone from my neo4allRC3 archive to BootDreams\neo4all
    2. changed my config.cfg to
    # Region: JAP / EUR / USA (default)
    # Sound: OFF / ON (default)
    # Accurate (synchonized CPUs): ON / OFF (default)
    # CDDA: OFF / ON (default)
    # Frameskip: 0..9 or auto (default)
    # M68K CPU clock, default=12000000 (12 MHz).
    # Z80 CPU clock, default=4000000 (4 MHz).
    3. added neocd.bin
    4. ripped the audio tracks and placed them in bootdreams (v1.0.6c) cdda folder
    5. I then use bootdreams to make an alcohol 120 image out of my BootDreams\neo4all folder with add CDDA tracks enabled
    6. when slecting the CDDA tracks i choose audio.raw + metal slug track 2-20 .mp3's
    7. burn the image to a cd as usual

    any advice?

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    you should choose audio.raw +audio.raw + metal slug track 2-20 .mp3's
    audio.raw for 2 times and it would be OK, try it!

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