Gears of War 2 is probably one the highest anticipated games that will be coming out later this year. Some of the guys down at got to play a level.

In this level you are riding in a new vehicle called a Derrik. It is basically a large truck with the ability to dig into the ground and find out where the Locust are hiding. They got to experience some of the new gameplay features that have been added. The one that i am looking forward to the most is the ability to snap a Locust's neck. :thumbup:

Some of the new gameplay features also include:

-chainsaw battles (you and an opponet attack each other with a chainsaw at the same time and press a button repeatedly to kill the opponet.)

-smoother chainsaw action

-Locust can now sink entire cities,

-the ability to have more locusts on screen,

-more destruction,

-new vehicles.