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Thread: Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

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    Rev Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    When Mario first jumped into the solo spotlight with his first NES game the gaming world would never again be same. He had a good run and when he hit 3D it looked like it would only get better for him. Sadly however his next game, Super Mario Sunshine, was not up to par with the previous entries and platformers as enormous hits looked like a thing of the past.

    Now with the platformer gasping for air we needed something big to save it. Mario Galaxy is just that. This game proves platformers are still alive and with this instance classic we're gonna be seeing a whole lot more.

    This game plays, looks and feels just about as good as it gets. Everything is fast, smooth, and most importantly of all FUN. You can almost sense what Miyamoto and Co. were grinning about when everyone called the Wii a gimmick. This game epitomizes Nintendo and the Wii itself.

    Nostalgia runs thick in this game with all the foes you've grown to love/hate from the past making their returns along with a few new ones. For any fan on Super Mario 64 this game is as simple as pick it up and start where you left off before on SM 64. Also at times you'll get this fantastic switch to a "2D" mode that couldn't be more like the even more retro SNES Mario games.

    Now since we all know how great this game plays (Let me stress this once more. It plays better than ANY Mario game in the past in my opinion.) let me now move on to how it looks. These ARE the best graphics on Wii period. Metroid Prime 3 looked great and all but this game just is gorgeous. The screen shots simply don't do the game justice. To fully appreciate it you need to see it in action. It is gorgeous.

    This time around you get several new "suits" for Mario to wear and each one is more awesome then the last. One of my new favorites is the Bee Suite if nothing else because it looks ridiculous. Nothing is funnier than Mario dressed like a bumble bee. Another good one is the Spring Suit. Its pretty much what you think.

    Presentation- 4.5
    Very high production values, co-op, Wiiconnect24 and its slick to boot.

    Graphics- 4.5
    Best on Wii period. Everything looks like a dream at a solid 60fps all the time.

    Sound- 5
    The best music and effects ever on a Mario game. Using a full orchestra for your music is genius.

    Gameplay- 5
    This is where the game shines. It plays simply perfect. From the controls to just how it feel. Everything is great.

    Lasting Appeal- 4.5
    More than 40 galaxies each completely different than the last, 120 stars to collect, and Wiiconnect24 support to show off you accomplishments. Can it get much better?


    As close to perfect as you can get..would of given it a 4.9 but there is no star for it. I will never give a game a 5 but man.. this was close..
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    ICE you forgot to slap on a review sticker

    Quote Originally Posted by ICE View Post
    This game plays, looks and feels just about as good as it gets.
    i agree its even better than Mario 64, i'm so tired of that game. I was so fond of it i was sad enough to get all stars with mario and Luigi.

    And personally i loved mario sunshine aswell also one of my favorite games of all time.

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