With the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero last month, weíve been waiting in excitement to see the first creative hacks to come out, making use of its tiny size; which if you didnít know, is smaller than a business card. [Terence Eden] hopped to it and made what might be the first Raspberry Pi Zero emulator: inside an Xbox controller.
Thanks to its small size itís actually a fairly straight forward hack with minimal modification to the controller in order to make it fit. In fact, you only need to remove the memory card holder from the controller and snip one bit of plastic in order to make it fit right in the middle ó awesome.
Now it does stick out a bit as you can see in the pictures, but weíre sure it wonít take someone long to make a 3D printed part that snaps into the controller giving it a more stock appearance. Unfortunately since HDMI canít carry a power source to the Pi, [Terence] is using a micro-USB to power it ó but there is enough space inside the controller for a battery pack if you wanted to make it truly portable.