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Thread: Review: Dreamgear Player's Kit 11 in 1 Bundle Pack"

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    Rev Review: Dreamgear Player's Kit 11 in 1 Bundle Pack"

    Players's Kit 11 in 1 Bundle Pack

    dual charging dock
    2 rechargeable battery packs
    universal HD, S-Video and AV cable
    2 remote jeli grips
    2 nunchuk jeli grips
    2 wrist straps
    1 micro racing wheel

    It's an pain in the ass to put the jeli grips on the remote because they are so tight (it took me 2 minutes to get them on for the first time)
    Just put the wiimote in the back of the grip and gently pull it in.

    the universal HD, S-Video and AV cable is installed exact like you did with the one that came with the wii, except for the ones who use a HD-TV.
    If you have a HD-TV just turn the swich to the left and use the HD cables instead of the s-video and av cables.

    The dual charging dock is easy to instal, just stick the power suply of the wii in [1], the put [3] in the charging dock like this:

    then put [2] in your wii

    So, you have you charging dock ready, now you want to charge you wiimote.
    Now comes the crappy part of this bundle, because the wiimote doesn't fit in charging dock with the grip on.
    So to charge you have to pull back the grip, charge then pull the grip back on.

    That's why I prefer the original Nintendo wiimote protector because it's really easy to pull the bottom back so you can charge your wiimote.(see images above)

    This bundle has only a few good things like the steering wheel and the charging dock, but the dreamgear team didn't thought about people who want to use the chargingdock with their wiimote grip and wiimote strap. >_>

    Pro's and Con's:
    • Charging dock!!!
    • cool loocking grip
    • don't have to buy a official wiiwheel
    • extra strap if your old one breaks
    • wii on HD quality

    • need to put of the grip and strap to charge
    • the universal HD, S-Video and AV cable is a overkill of wires
    • the official wiimote protectors are better
    • the grip tears VERY vast (see pictures)

    Overal Score:

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