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Hi all
I was looking for a way to use my PSP as an extra (mini)monitor on my pc so I could read IRC while I was working in another aplication
I tried using a virtual monitor and then stream it to the PSP using VLC but it was just too slow to be of any good use

So I wrote a small php script that monitors the IRC chatlog and displays it, so every time someone says something in the channel you are monitorring it shows up on the PSP.
I know this isn't actual "Homebrew", I don't know where else to place this. Mods feel free to move this to the correct forum if this belongs somewhere else. I just wanted to share this in case someone else would enjoy this.

screenshot of how this looks on your PSP

What do you need?
- a local webserver that supports PHP (if you don't know what this is, just install WAMP)
- mIRC
- IRC Script
- a PSP
- a wireless network

1. A local webserver
For those who know what this is, you can skip this step, for those who don't, read on.
This script uses PHP, so you need to install a local webserver to run this script. If you have no experience whatsoever, install WAMP
If everything works out fine, you should be able to just install and run the server just under a minute
Be sure to START your server afther you installed it

2. Setting up mIRC
You need to change your mIRC settings too log your channels and save them to your webserver directory.
For people who use WAMP this is C:/wamp/www/

A small screenshot of my IRC log settings

3. Setting up the IRC script
Before you do this step, it is best to run IRC first and connect to the channel you want to log. this way IRC can generate the logfile first

Now you extract the zip file atached to this post to the same directory you chose to save your logs in. (for people who are using wamp and following these steps, you extract the file to C:/wamp/www/ )

Now open up the file (irc.php) in an editor (notepad will do if you don't have anything else)
and change the first 3 acual lines of code

PHP Code:
// the script will refresh itself every # amount of seconds you define here
// default: header('Refresh: 1; url=irc.php#end');
header('Refresh: 1; url=irc.php#end');
// change this to the log filename you want to monitor
$myFile = "#channel.server.log";
// change the name that will be displayed in the bookmarks
// the default $myTitle = "Default Name"; will be displayed as "IRC viewer :: Default Name"
$myTitle = "Default Name";

To those who know PHP, this might not be the best script you have ever seen, but it does the job there is definatly room for improvement

4. Running the script
Open your PSP webbrowser and go to
(replace with the IP adress of your computer)

Enjoy, you can now monitor your favorite IRC channel while using another aplication.
It's not the same as an extended desktop, but you can read IRC without having to Alt-tab all the time

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