The whole point of Microsoft's Selfie app for iPhones is to share your pretty face (albeit an ideal, algorithmically-modified version of it) with the world, but you haven't had an easy way to make that happen for most of the app's existence. A bit ironic, don't you think? Microsoft agrees. It quietlyupdated Selfie with a sharing feature that makes it almost trivial to indulge in a little public vanity. You can tap one button to post your latest shot directly on Facebook, or another to bring up the iOS sharing dialogue and spread the joy through other apps.

The app also brings in a few interface tweaks, although you aren't about to get lost if you've been trying Selfie already. As for versions on Android or (logically) Windows 10 Mobile? There's still nothing concrete, but Microsoft is promising to bring Selfie to "more platforms." The iOS edition was just the first app out of the gate.