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Thread: Review: Joytech Fusion Cooling Fan

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    ps3 Review: Joytech Fusion Cooling Fan

    Joytech Fusion Cooling Fan
    Manufacturer: Joytech
    Site: Buy from Amazon
    Price: $9.99

    Overview : Play it cool with the Fusion Cooling Fan from JOYTECH. Designed exclusively for use with the PlayStation 3 console, the Fusion Cooling Fan prevents potentially dangerous overheating of console through powerful fan assisted technology. Discrete appearance and safe operation, ideal for long gameplay session!

    Features :
    • Heat Diffusion System draws heat away from console
    • Silent-Running design for quiet operation during play
    • Prevents potentially dangerous overheating during sustained use

    Quality/Usability : Like the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 produces a good amount of heat. Luckily, you dont hear much of RROD (Red Ring of Death) type display when it fails on the PlayStation 3 but you never know. There can be many factors as to why consoles no longer work. It can be defective, dust or the most common, overheating.

    I remember my original PlayStation was like that. I had to put the PS1 on its side. With these nex-gen consoles, they are more powerful and require more energy. With that, they produce more heat similar to that of PCs.

    Like Nyko's Intercooler, Joytech decided to enter the cooling fan market by releasing the Fusion Cooling Fan. Unlike its competitor, the Fusion Cooling Fan only goes on the back of the PlayStation 3. There are three fans encased in a plastic housing. To the right, there is a plastic door that covers HDMI port, optical port, etc. and underneath is a USB port. The Fusion Cooling Fan does not cover the power plug or power switch.

    Joytech claims the fan to be quiet but it was the same loudness as the PS3 if not slightly louder. Without the fan, the PS3 blew out hot air. With the Fusion Cooler Fan, the air was not as hot and was warm. Whats nice about the Fusion Cooler is that it runs off of the USB power. No additional batteries or external power.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Joytech Fusion Cooling Fan did OK. Yes, air comes out from the back of the PlayStation 3 but air also comes out from the right side/top (depending on how you have the PS3 positioned). Like its competitor, Nyko Intercooler, it covered the back and side/top vent. Of course, it made it even more bulky. Price for the Fusion Cooling Fan is a bit on the expensive side. If currency exchange rate was done, it would be about $35USD. $20 would of been a more reasonable price. Since the PS3 does not have as much overheating problems that the Xbox 360 has, I would skip on the fans for the time being unless your PS3 is starting to act up and cause problems.

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