News/release from 3r Ch4mp1

Power Management Plugin 0.2.3 (21-05-07)
Coded by 3r Ch4mp1.
Parts of code are from Anissian's PRX tutorial samples and from DAX
HEN SDK samples and some other code that I found on forum.

Hope this crap can be useful to someone, I did only to learn and enjoy
with C/C++

Code from Booster's DevHook SDK is used in this plugin, it is included
with the sources in the CONTRIB folder

Uses Dark_Alex's 3.71 SDK, be sure to have it in order to recompile it

You are free to use and modify this source code, if you do it, give me credit
and keep this whole notice.

All the source code which is not under the CONTRIB, INCLUDE and LIB irectories
is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2

Copy the content from the binaries folder to ms0:/seplugins, if you have a
VSH.TXT copy the line of the file bundled with this pack and append it
to your own VSH.TXT file.

Open the recovery and activate the plugin.

0.2.3 version
-The plugin has been fixed to work as intended with the 3.9X firmware series, legacy
compatibility with 3.7X or 3.8X is not assured nor supported

-Dependance of kernel libraries has been reduced, increasing compatibility with
further firmwares.

-Source code has been tidied to avoid stub dependances and functions called directlty
from libraries (extern-defined functions) where possible.

-Built against the latest PSPSDK

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