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Multi Skin Flasher is a simple application for Fat an Slims PSPs with custom firmware 3.9X m33.This application gives you the possibility of keeping 10 themes in your memory stick and flash them wherever you want simply and confortably. Remember that this software touches files in flash0,USE IT UNDER YOUR RESPONSABILITY.

Before start, you have to know, for a correct operation of Multi Skin Flasher, you have to had the files in flash0 NOT hided, for the correct acces to them.

You have to extract the content of the rar and copy the content to the flash0. After that, you have to execute "Ejecutador.bat". Finally, the files are unhided, now you can delete the copied files.

Note: If you have 3.9x m33 installed with "Despertar del Cementerio" of Dark_Alex, you don't need to follow this instructions, because the files aren't hided.

For instaling Quick Flasher extrack all the content of the .RAR archive and copie it in the folder MsRoot in the root of yous memory stick

The proccess is simple,extract all files (not in folders) on"PSP/THEME/xmbXX/" (Where XX is the number of the skin, for example "03"), then select the skin to flash and wait a few seconds. Your PSP will be now customized!

To enable the USB, press START, to disable it, press START one time more.

Important: Before flashing any theme, be sure you have the required space in the flash

This app is brought to you by Marce_82 and The Sixth Halcon,we hope, you really enjoy it!

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