New versions of the graphic plugins for PlayStation emulators for PC.

Pete's OpenGL2 is for Windows and Pete's XGL2 Linux is for Linux.


- This release is basically an "ePSXe birthday" version: after a long
time the ePSXe team wanted to make an update to their main emu, and
to improve the compatibility with some games. One of the compatibility
fixes had to be done in the gpu plugins, so, well, I had to fire up
my compilers as well... I don´t wanted to let ´em down, eh? Smile
Since my free time is somewhat limited, I have not made many other
changes, though (at least in the last weeks... I cannot remember what
I´ve done the last years in the gpu plugins, so I basically hope that
I didn´t mess something up.

- First, the mentioned game fix. This will prevent lock ups in certain
games (for example "Dukes of Hazzard" or "Hot wheels turbo racing").
The main emu can enable this fix by a new gpu interface function
automatically, for other emus you can enable the "special game fix"
manually in the gpu config window (the fix is called "Fake ´gpu busy´

- The main emu can use a new gpu interface function, to enable the
gpu´s "FPS limitation" automatically. Why? Because most new psx emu
users seem to have problems with the "FPS" concept, and are unable to
activate the correct settings (just as a reminder: "higher FPS" is not
equal to "smoother display" in psx emulation).

- Nagisa from SSSPSX added new frame limit timings to the Peops soft gpu
plugin. I have put this timings into my hw/accel plugins as well,
let´s see what will happen.
The differences are small, though: in non-interlaced modes the automatic
FPS timings are now set to 49.76 FPS (PAL) or 59.82 FPS (NTSC).

- calb of the ePSXe team suggested to add a "visual rumble" feature to
the gpu plugins: whenever the pad vibration kicks in, the display should
also start to shake. Ok, done... just remember, you have to enable this
feature in the main emu (pad configuration window), not in the gpu config.
And, of course, in some games the visual rumble can get very annoying...

- Last but not least a "most wanted" feature for widescreen users:
PSX games have usually a 4:3 width/height ratio. Therefore a 16:10
fullscreen mode (example: 1680x1050) will stretch the display in
an ugly way. If your monitor or your gfx card driver has no option to
display 4:3 modes correctly, you can now set a proper 4:3 "window
size" (in our example: 1400x1050) and activate the new "Use window size
in fullscreen mode" option in the plugin.
That will produce a proper display, of course with black borders on the
left and right sides of your monitor, but hey.

- Ah, and another note for ATI users: please update to Catalyst 8.5 to
avoid glitches!

Download and give feedback via comments