From Schthack

Fragments of a Memory

Search for message
capsules left
in the Ruins.

Client: solider
A message capsule thought
to be from the Pioneer 1
Military was discovered in
Ragol's underground Ruins.
We would like you to
search for more.
Reward: ??? Meseta

* Script changes made to allow the quest to function properly. JPBB quests are strangely coded... It seems likely that on JPBB the server interacts with the quest to allow the actual quest to be coded less fully. Thus, when you try to play the quest on a server without the extra crap on JPBB, it doesn't work. It could also be a problem with our editor, but either way the problems are fixed.
* A little debug junk left in the quest by Sega has been removed so the quest is a bit smaller.
* Spawn points of players and positions of the warpers in Ruins fixed to be in the correct positions.
* The solider next to the main teleporter was moved to the side so the green gem player isn't hugging him when returning to Pioneer 2. >_>;
* If you've played the quest on either BB or GC, you might be aware of the "missing warps" problem in Ruins 1 that occured on one version of the quest. After analysing the quest, it turns out that Sega intended to have a warp roulette in Ruins 1. The three warps which you see send you to different locations in Ruins 1 every time you play the quest. After a great deal of work, this has been fixed. Ironically, it took me trying to create my own, simpler roulette to figure out how to make Sega's work. Though a lot of work went down the drain, Sega's is far better anyway so it was worth it. It was easiest to get the roulette functioning on DC/PC, but making it work on GC/BB was a major pain. I was about ready to give up and release a somewhat crippled version of Ruins 1 for GC/BB so the stupid quest could finally come out, but thanks to Lee the roulette has been fixed on GC/BB as well. It only took a lot of head bashing, hex editing, and FTPing, lulz.
* Enemies. While testing the quest at one point, Shadowfox mentioned that the quest had only Dimenians. I hadn't noticed, but it was true. Why exactly this is, I don't know. If the quest has only Dimenians on JPBB, I also don't know. Considering how apparently quickly the quest was made due to the little tweaks necessary and the fact that every enemy type is used extensively (except for Bringers, boo), it seemed like perhaps either 1) Sega didn't code the Dimenians properly or 2) JPBB would make them La or So types through server interaction with the quest (assuming Sega didn't actually want no La or So Dimenians to appear in the quest...). Since we had no idea what the quest would be like properly, it seemed like greater variety was a better option and likely to be correct. However in case Sega did want you to be fighting the same type of enemy all the time, the enemies are divided by area. You'll fight Dimenians in Ruins 1, La Dimenians in Ruins 2, and So Dimenians in Ruins 3. (This was also the easiest to do from a development standpoint...).