Todays Video Game Consoles are amazing, the main 2 are the Playstation 4 or PS4 to quote its smaller name, the Xbox One which is quite confusing when you look back and its actually the 3rd Xbox but Microsoft are known for quirky numbering, just look at the Xbox 360 which is actually the Xbox 2. The 3rd placed console is the Nintendo WiiU, which is more or less a Wii mk2 with a fancy tablet controller.

Maybe the best solution is to have someone make a full on Android Games Console with joypads that are chargeable and as good as say todays PS3 or PS4 controllers, the Android seems the safest bet with regards to running emulators and maybe homebrew and then theres the programs such as Mobdro, Showbox, Movie HD and many more which enable you to watch Movies and Television programs from around the world, the legalities depend on which country you are in, the rise of live e-sports matches for today - click here to bet is massive, I have often watched my son watching for hours players on StarCraft 2, not something I would do but in this day of social media with sites like Facebook etc it all changes on a monthly basis.

Nowadays the big players in video gaming have recognised that emulation of their older consoles pays dividends, the ability to play PSP, PS1 and PS2 games on a PS4, Xbox Original and Xbox 360 on the Xbox One and then the WiiU or even the Wii which can play a massive amount of games from consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (Nes), Nintendo 64, Snes, Megadrive, Gameboy, NeoGeo and many more.
So now Emulation and that also includes Homebrew has a barrier, the makers of the Video Games Consoles don't want you running code not meant to be ran on their consoles and they even offer their own emulation these days, which they make a nice profit off, thank you very much .

So the fact that they don't want you running code, make money off emulation in their own way and the killer that in order to play the latest games they can update the firmwares on the respective consoles make things even harder for the community.

Another problem these days is that coders of emulators and you cant fault them, are selling their emulators on the Apple Store and Android Store, both mobile phone operating systems have an amount of phone owners in their hundreds of millions so any good coder if they can get an emulator for systems such as Nintendo DS, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Amiga 500, NeoGeo Pocket and the list is endless but any of them working well and people will pay decent money to be able to experience games of yesteryear that frankly slaughter most of todays games that are just built to make you pay more all the time.

So with all of this in mind, coding homebrew and emulators for the older consoles that have already been hacked seems a safe bet, the Nintendo 3DS is the king of Homebrew at this time and the Nintendo Wii is still awesome for emulators and homebrew, for me I still love the PSP it has literally hundreds of emulators and homebrew and the ability to play PS1 and Videos makes it a king amongst consoles.

Whatever the future is, ill be watching and DCEmu will rise from the ashes.