Out of print archive are a website that posts scans of old games magazines, heres a new release from them:

This time we jump back in time a little. The Official Sega Saturn Magazine is an all-time favourite of many people, yet it missed the actual Sega Saturn launch by 6 months. The reason being that at the time the system launched, the magazine was still called the Official Sega Magazine instead.
So we wanted to jump to the Sega Saturn launch and since going through 15 more issues of OSM would take a long time, we jump around a bit. As always we select a couple of features to preview the magazine before you download the full release. We start off with two of the finest racing games ever created: Sega Rally for the arcade and Daytona USA on the Sega Saturn. We also take a look at Theme Park on the Mega Drive and the little known racer for the 32X: BC Racers.

Full Details here --> http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...ine/OSM17.html