Out of print archive are a website that posts scans of old games magazines, heres a new release from them:

For the second week in a row we focus on a re-release of a back issue of Official Sega Saturn Magazine. As always, this is the definite version of this magazine. The colours should be spot on with this release as well as the attention to detail when it comes to cleaning up marks of old age has been raised even more compared to the old version.
Our first preview is for a fan favourite racing game that sadly never left the arcades: Scud Race. We then take another in-depth look at Fighters Megamix as well as the newly converted arcade racer Manx TT Superbike.
And for the final preview of this issue we look at Hexen by Probe Entertainment.

Full Details here --> http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...ne/OSSM17.html