Ive been out of the scene a while now, but ive known some of the details regarding Pyra a new handheld in development, well Evildragon posted a news update a few days ago, heres the news:

First of all, a merry christmas to everyone!

An update was LONG overdue - but I was overrun by pre-christmas season.
Seriously, I expected some orders in my shop, but I was totally overwhelmed.
I packed and shipped over 400 packages during the last 1,5 weeks, so I didn't really have time for anything else.
I rarely visited the boards and couldn't chase up all involved companies for updates.

But: Having SO many sales is awesome, as every single sale helps the Pyra with future funding.
Even every single GPD Win sold in my shop will help the Pyra

I'm a bit exhausted now, but I won't go to sleep before I've written my update

While we still need to test the prototypes, we are already preparing the first production run to be able to produce as fast as possible!

What do we have...

* ALL needed parts for the first production run of the PCBs are sitting at GC (well, except for the bare PCBs)
* ALL needed LCDs are already in Germany and will be delivered to GC early January
* ALL needed batteries are already sitting at GC

What's still missing...

* Bare PCBs. Will be produced as soon as we confirm they're working fine. Production time: About 6 weeks (CPU-Board)
* Keymats: Will be produced as soon as I confirm the sample to be fine. Production time: About 4 weeks
* Cases: Will be produced as soon as I confirm the samples to be fine. Production time: About 4 weeks
* Card Boxes and manuals: Will be produced as soon as I create the design and order them. Production time: About 2 weeks
* LCD Cables: Will produced middle of January. Production time: About 3 weeks

Well, and that's it!
The CPU-Board is the culprit right now - everything else should easily arrive before we have the bare CPU boards.

I wish these things would go faster.... but that would only work if I had three or four times as much the capital.

Full Newspost Here --> https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/thr...-update.79120/