Heres the latest Rom Hack releases for Nintendo Consoles from the guys at Romhacking.Net

999: Faster Text Speed (Improvement)(999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors)(NDS)
NBA Jam 2K17 (Improvement)(NBA Jam: Tournament Edition)(SNES)
Bomberman Cx (Complete)(Bomberman)(NES)
Atari Man III (Improvement)(Mega Man III)(NES)
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castke Atarisized, The (Complete)(The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle)(NES)
Super Mario Bros. Atarisized (Improvement)(Super Mario Bros.)(NES)
Return of Double Dragon - Kencho hacks (Improvement)(Return of Double Dragon)(SNES)
Friday the 13th (Improvement)(Friday the 13th)(NES)
Rakuga Kids PAL to All Regions Patch (Improvement)(Rakuga Kids)(N64)
Clovermon Hunter (Spoof)(Arkista’s Ring)(NES)
Karate Champed (Spoof)(Karate Champ)(NES)
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