Something to probably get the backs of Nintendo up, but the Homebrew/Hacking Scene has once again come through with an interesting release:

Nintendo is not going to be very happy about this one, with all the info now out regarding the Wii U console, which first all started with the Brazilian modders figuring out how easy it was to change the 'ticket' system on the Wii U from DISC based to eShop BASED, and then more info leaked out regarding keys, and we started to see CFW installs and more, and then some simple command line tools to mod the 'tickets' to allow games to be installed onto your USB drive with backups ripped from your own Wii U disc drive, but now its even easier to become a full-fledged game pirate on your Nintendo Wii U, thanks to the recent release of the Wii U USB Helper for Windows and soon to be out also for Android devices, you can now thanks to kindness of Nintendo's servers grab all your Wii U games digitally direct from them onto your external USB HDD, and then just plug&play onto your Wii U for tons of FREE entertainment!

Wow now that's very interesting, more here -->