One thing ive never got around to doing is putting a custom firmware on my PS3, I have 2 release day PS3s, one working fine and one with ylod that I took apart and well only got as far as removing the blue ray drive, still got that PS3 but I suppose one day ill bin it, anyway the latest news for the PS3 scene is that the Cobra CFW noiw plays burned discs ?

Dean (aka deank) of multiMAN fame over at has been testing a patched stage2.bin he developed for Cobra 7.5 CFW which allows you to play unencrypted ISO images burned on disc in your PS3. Dean already checked that original disc still works with the patch and the supported formats for burned discs are: PS3 Game (DVD-R SL/DL), PS2 Game (DVD-R), PS2 Game (CD-R), PS1 Game (CD-R), AVCHD Disc (DVD-R SL/DL), DVD-Video (DVD-R), Data Disc (DVD-R), Data Disc (CD-R). Why is this great? Quote Dean: 'BD-R/RE discs are now much cheaper than 7 years ago, so this feature could be really useful for people who want to backup their collection on optical media and play it at any time without fiddling with usb drives, network streams or ftp. Also it achieves 100% compatibility of all games released to date.' Thanks goes to hitman43 for the heads up."