nSide v009r12.15 is released. nSide is a fork of higan v095 by byuu (http://byuu.org/emulation/higan/), which was renamed to exclude "higan" at byuu's request.

Individual emulators are also renamed to the following:
bnes -> nSide-fc
bsnes -> nSide-sfc
bgb -> nSide-gb
bgba -> nSide-gba

nSide adds new devices to the Famicom emulator's controller ports. The supported
devices are:
*Standard controller
*Four Score
*Zapper (port 2 only)
*Power Pad (port 2 only)

In addition, it adds the Famicom expansion port for its own devices. The only
expansion port devices supported are:
*Standard controller (counts as Player 3)
*4-Players Adaptor
*Beam Gun (Zapper)
*Family Trainer (Power Pad)
*VS. Panel (VS. arcade games only; if you try to select this for a Famicom or
PlayChoice-10 game, it instead selects None, though the menu does not properly
recognize that the device change failed)

Please be aware that a great majority of Famicom and NES games support the use
of Player 3 and Player 4 as substitutes for Player 1 and Player 2, including
ones that use the NES Four Score such as A Nightmare on Elm Street. If the
expansion slot is not explicitly set to "None", this can result in Player 3's
controller controlling both Player 1 and Player 3.

The Export Memory functions for the Famicom and Super Famicom emulators now
export a limited selection of PPU registers in BML format and expansion chip
memory (except for the NEC DSPs). The Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulators
will also dump their RAMs but not registers.
(This function was removed in higan v094r06. Preserved in nSide for the benefit
of 3rd-party tools that depend on it)

nSide uses different directories for storing configuration settings, save
states, and shaders so as to not conflict with higan.
In Windows, the configuration files are in "%AppData%\nSide-t".

Download Here --> https://github.com/hex-usr/nSide