“Buku Sudoku,” the first Sudoku game available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Atari’s arcade classic “Warlords,” both launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade Today.

Buku Sudoku has multiple themes that allow players to choose the audio and visual environment, over 1,200 puzzles total and three levels of difficulty. Multiplayer modes feature support for up to four players offline and up to eight players via Xbox LIVE. More casual players can experience the game with friends and family through the cooperative mode, and competitive players will enjoy an new concept – an active duel where the player’s performance directly impacts his opponent’s puzzle.

Buku Sudoku is available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points

Warlords offers single and multiplayer action as up to four players battle to protect their fortress from attack, while battering down their opponents fortress! Defend yourself from incoming fire with your shield and smash down your enemies’ defenses by firing flaming balls at them, or blast a hole through and bring their Warlord tumbling down along with his castle walls......or more simply put, Pong with forts.

Warlords features both the original arcade cabinet game, plus a brand new “Evolved” version featuring shiny new 3D graphics and the a live video feed. Single player is supported, along with 2, 3, and 4 player local and Xbox LIVE multiplayer choices.

Warlords is available worldwide (with the exception of Japan and Korea) for 400 Microsoft Point