Snes9x 3DS the Snes Emulator for Nintendo 3DS has been updated with a new release, heres whats new in this release:

Snes9x 3DS v0.80 changelog:
* Fixed NMI interrupt for specific games such as Cu-On-Pa. This allows Cu-On-Pa to get past the selection screen.
* Fixed ROM size calculation for Wonder Project J (English Patch). The game no longer hangs at the menu.
* Implemented optimized rendering for offset-per-tile modes. This gives many games a major performance boost. Games such as Strike Gunner STG, Tetris Attack, Kirby's Avalanche, Contra's Stage 1 Boss, Super Mario All-Stars' Super Mario 2 all benefit from this improvement.
* Implemented optimized rendering for sprites for modest performance boost.
* Used SPC700 core from Snes9x v1.51.
* Re-implemented an moderately optimized SA-1 core. Now games like Kirby Super Star, Super Mario RPG can boot. It will NOT run well on the old 3DS currently, but it will run smooth on a new 3DS with full clock speed.

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