Xebra(Arbex) the Japanese PS1 Emulator for Windows has been updated with a new release, heres whats new:

Xebra (2017/01/17) Changelog:
■ Correspondence to incorrect display area setting

For example, in PS 1, NTSC (i)
Considering that it is composed of 262 horizontal lines in the first half 263 / the second half,
By designating the display start line number and the display stop line number
I can bias the display area

First of all, when we refined this behavior last time
It had been changed to 263 in both front and back, so I fixed it.

In addition, it is inevitable
The start line number is smaller than the end line number and must be smaller than No. 261.
Otherwise the VSYNC interrupt will be missing
This time we also corresponded to cases with such illegal numbers.

As a series of refinements, the display of the memory card manager
Although it has become strange phenomenon
For this, for example, it is necessary to adjust I Cache Rate to about 22 or so.

Download Here --> http://drhell.web.fc2.com/ps1/index.html