The homebrew scene for the 3DS never fails to amaze and now the release of a lemmings clone for the 3DS has come to light, heres the release info:

Clone of Lemmings for DOS. Version 0.6.1

Download the attatched file It contains .cia and .3dsx version.
Fill the subfolders of /lemmings folder with data from DOS Lemmings (see README.txt files in these subfolders). These files are not included in the archive since they are protected by copyright law. In order to run the software, at least one subfolder must be filled. You may fill any combination of subfolders, depending on the Lemmings games you own.
There exist free demo versions (that include only 4-5 levels each), which are all supported by Lemmings for 3DS. Since the demos were released for free, it should be legal to link to a download location. You can find free demo versions of Lemmings games here.

Source code:

Known issues and wish list: ... 3ds/issues

Version 0.6.1
- Bugfixes (note: multiplayer mode is not compatible with v0.6)

Version 0.6
- Added 2 player mode via 3DS local wifi connection
- In-game background color can be switched to dark blue (AMIGA style)
- Direct drop glitch can be disabled in settings menu