The classic game Snakes has been updated for the 3DS, heres whats new:

Current Version: 0.2.3

This is a beta release.

For comprehensive How To Play and more, check out the GBATemp thread:
For gameplay with 8 players, click here
How to Install:

Extract the 3ds folder to the root of your sd card. This will overwrite a previous version of Snakes with the latest version.
Use your preferred method to get into homebrew.
Select Snakes.

Download Snakes.cia
Transfer Snakes.cia to the cias folder on your SD Card.
Open up FBI and navigate to the cias folder. Select Snakes.cia and install.
Exit FBI back to the homescreen. If Snakes is already installed, it will now be the latest version. If it was not already installed, it will appear as a new gift-wrapped title.
How to play:
To Start A Game:

You do NOT need a wifi connection to play with others that already have this game installed, but you do need WiFi enabled on your 3ds so local play can work.

Download Here -->