Newly released for the Pandora Console

Traction :: It's Full of Stars 64 kilobytes at Ifparty'06 ------------------------------ One of these things again. The feeling I'm after is not quiet there yet, but I am getting closer. Some technical info: The song was shrunk like hell, that's why it sounds so lo-fi. I barely made the 65536 byte limit due to the samples used in the tune. If you can call it a tune. The visuals were made in a week. The sync was never made at all. The glow mode is mostly ugly and not for wussy machines. The reason it sucks is the fact that my code stinks. But hey, you got it for free! :P People ------ Preacher - visuals Grip - audio ryg/fr - packer (kkrunchy) FireLight - player (tinyfmod) Napsa - additional design Waffle - SDL port (thanks!)Sources included in PND.Links for more info about this demo:

Download Here